Joseph D. Lento

I Pride Myself on Having Heart and Driving Hard to Get Results! 

As a veteran of one of the nation's highest stakes court systems, I have spent close to 20 years passionately advocating for clients and others in my charge both as an attorney and in other capacities.  As an attorney, I learned the practice of law in the trenches, dedicating myself to finding solutions to clients' matters both in and out of the courtroom.  At times, a client's matter can be resolved diplomatically, and I am a skillful negotiator. At other times, resolving a client's matter requires me to drive hard, and I do not back down in the face of adversity, no matter how difficult the challenge may seem!


What it Takes to Win

I had a modest upbringing and I fought hard to make it to the top.  While attending law school at night, I remember a comment that was made to me in a social setting - "It's not easy being a young attorney."  As a young attorney, it was by no means easy, but nothing stops me from coming out swinging and going the distance.  Being the first in my family to become an attorney, fighting with all of my heart to make the difficult situations my clients were faced with better, and putting my stake in the ground as a young attorney were challenges to be met and overcome.  When my clients come to me for help, they are often facing one of their most difficult times in life.  Knowing that life is not always easy, I take clients' concerns personally, and I am only satisfied when a client is satisfied.  Success is often hard-fought, and I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.

I threw my hat in the ring the day I graduated from Temple University's Beasley School of Law; a proud occasion after four demanding years of classes, four nights a week, and while working full-time.  With that goal in life accomplished, I took the initiative to learn what it takes to win as an attorney.  Working with a legend among criminal defense attorneys, studying criminal defense trial advocacy at the Defender Association of Philadelphia through Temple Law, and serving as a select private attorney for the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender gave me incomparable trial experience and expertise.  I went on to establish the Lento Law Firm which I started and built from the ground up, and which in more than a decade has successfully handled thousands of clients' cases, some of which have generated national and even international media coverage.

When I set a goal in life, I do not stop until I succeed, and I put the same determination into resolving my clients' concerns - Countless battles both in and out of the courtroom, countless negotiations where the stakes are always high, and sometimes, everything falls into place without having to come out swinging.  Nothing gets handed to most people in life, and whether it's a position I'm arguing for a client, a negotiation with the powers that be that will allow for a more favorable resolution to a client's case, or anything that requires me to drive hard, I do not stop until I get results! 

Maintaining My Edge

I maintain my edge, and I am an active member of notable legal associations and also organizations exclusively dedicated to defending people charged with criminal offenses. I stay on the frontline of the law, and I stay informed of the best practices in defending against such charges. Some of my professional activities, both past and present, include the following:

  • The National Trial Lawyers - Top 100
  • The Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey (ACDL-NJ)
  • New Jersey State Bar Association
  • American Bar Association - Criminal Justice Section
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (NACDL)
  • National College of DUI Defense (NCDD)
  • National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
  • National Police Accountability Project
  • Camden County Bar Association
  • Burlington County Bar Association
  • Mercer County Bar Association
  • Salem County Chamber of Commerce
  • American Bar Association
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys (PACDL)
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Philadelphia Bar Association – Criminal Justice Section
  • Philadelphia Criminal Law American Inn of Court - Founding Member
  • Federal Circuit Bar Association

Challenges Welcome

I always welcome a challenge, and working full-time while attending Temple University Beasley School of Law at night is but one example. Prior to my graduation from Temple Law, I attended Villanova University where I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Business.  I am proud to be the first in my family to graduate from college or law school, and my other accomplishments include acceptance into the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School and being awarded The Honorable Nicholas A. Cipriani Scholarship while at Temple Law. 

My professional experience also includes my work with the School District of Philadelphia and my work with at-risk youth for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania.  I have served as Government Counsel to Galloway Township, New Jersey.  I served as the City Solicitor and Government Counsel for the Borough of Penns Grove, New Jersey.  As a First Judicial District of Pennsylvania certified arbitrator and an Eleventh Judicial District of Pennsylvania certified arbitrator, I presided over civil actions filed respectively in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County and the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County.

Getting Results

I pursue goals with intensity, have opened every door in life on my own, and proudly fight the good fight.  I have long understood the importance of driving hard to achieve goals, and when all is said and done, I do what it takes to get my clients results!

It's easy to call oneself a "fighter." It's not easy to have the heart to back it up. In the courtroom, the conference room, and in life, I stand up when the bell rings.

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    Mr. Lento is a great lawyer.  He helped my fiancé in his case & didn't give false hope like many lawyers do. Mr. Lento was honest from the beginning to the end - I really recommend Mr. Lento.
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    Mr. Lento did his absolute best for my case. He helped me through very difficult time of my life. Mr. Lento was responding to all my messages so fast and would always keep me updated. All I had to do is to hire him and my troubles went away. Mr. Lento's effort on every field lead no where but to ...
  • Great Results

    Mr. Lento got results for me that were promised, but not delivered, by other attorneys. Mr. Lento was upfront with me during the entire legal process, and treated me with great respect and integrity. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Mr. Lento to other people without reservation.
  • Thank You, Mr. Lento

    Mr. Lento is a great attorney. He handled my case in a timely and orderly fashion.  The result that I got was more than I expected.  Thank you, Mr. Lento, for everything and all your hard work.
  • Best lawyer in the city!

    I was going through a difficult time with a domestic violence case.  I chose Mr. Lento to represent me and he did not let me down. He is very dedicated to his clients and goes above and beyond - Thanks to him my case was thrown out and I was able to go back to my normal life. I will recommend Mr....
  • I Can't Express How Grateful I am for Your Help

    I can't express how grateful I am for your help. I knew in my heart of hearts that [my son] was innocent of these charges. I guess the truth just isn't enough sometimes, you need facts and know how to present them. Funny thing, [my son] said the main thing he learned from all this was that when ...
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    Wow, you should have seen my lawyer, Joseph Lento - He is like the Superman of the lawyers.  There are no words to describe this man...He's the best - I am so glad I met him years ago.  For all you out there who need a really awesome lawyer his name is Joseph lento and he will fly way beyond and ...
  • Wow!

    I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Lento. I am still in awe on how he addressed our situation. I was not expecting the quick responses, correspondence and suggestions. He was definitely engaged in our situation. He was willing to take steps that were above and beyond what we even contacted him a...
  • Rape and Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed - Joseph Lento was an Enormous Help

    I learned recently that when accused of a crime it isn't enough to be innocent. You must also actively prove your innocence. Joseph Lento knew precisely how to do that, and I am extremely grateful towards him. He is professional, easy to communicate with, and effective. I would recommend him to a...
  • Serious Traffic Charges Dismissed - "Great Results"

    Joseph Lento helped me with a traffic violation I received due to a car accident. He was very professional and handled the situation completely and with a successful outcome. Thank you, Joseph!
  • Case Dropped and Burden Lifted

    Mr Lento is professional and personable. He followed up and followed through. His price is reasonable. It was a great joy in working with him. The case was dropped and the burden was lifted. We are indelibly grateful.
  • Attorney Joseph D. Lento is the Best - Don't Settle for Anything Less

    He gets the job by being thorough and consistent. He is very professional and personable. Hire Mr. Lento to get a fair judgement on your case. Our case was dropped. He is the best don't settle for anything less.
  • Serious Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

    Attorney Joseph D. Lento helped a loved one with a serious domestic violence case which involved both criminal charges and a protection from abuse order.  Despite being falsely accused, everything was on the line including the defendant's professional employment, the children, and even the family...
  • The Case Was Dropped - Eternally Grateful

    The best of the best. He gets the job done!!! The case was dropped. We are eternally grateful.
  • Highly Recommended

    If you need a good lawyer to help you in a tight situation, I would highly recommend the Lento Law Firm. Attorney Joseph D. Lento worked with me and he keep me updated through every step and I was very pleased with the dismissal outcome.
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    We contacted Mr. Lento about a family situation, and he practically became a part of our family. He got back to us immediately. Mr. Lento stayed in touch with us through every step of a very difficult process. Best defense attorney ever. I am still crying as I write this, because he defended a fa...
  • My Expungement Was Granted Despite the Odds!

    I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am to have found Attorney Joseph Lento! I had a pretty sticky unique situation on my hands involving an expungement, and spent many hours on the phone calling around to different attorneys in the area to explain it. Most of them simply claimed that a...
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    Joe Lento exhibits the essential qualities of a tireless litigator and possesses the experience & passion, to obtain a favorable outcome, in a courtroom.  As a nationally known Forensic Narcotics Expert, I have known Joe for over ten years and have worked with him on many drug cases.  Joe thinks ...
  • Very Aggressive Lawyer

    Joe is a very talented and aggressive lawyer.  I have personally observed how much he cares about his clients and their legal matters and will do anything in his power to help them out of their jam.
  • Joseph Got Our Family Member Out of Jail - Great Service

    Joseph was great! We had a family member in jail and our biggest concern was getting them out of jail. Joseph listened to us and our concerns & helped us out to get the best outcome. Joseph got our family member out and we are so grateful for him. Would totally keep him in mind if anything else e...
  • Expungement Granted - Tenacious & Committed

    Overall, Mr. Joseph Lento turned out being tremendously helpful when I needed an attorney to have something on my record that was dismissed to be expunged. I didn't even know the meaning of expungement. What I did know that is that I needed legal counsel as soon as possible to delete the offense ...
  • Mr. Lento Helped Me Win a Serious Traffic Case

    Mr. Lento did an amazing job with helping me and my friend beat a traffic case that came along with 3 heavy citations. With the experience that he has had over the years, he knew exactly what he was doing when he came into the court room and made sure that we left with nothing on holding us back.
  • Do you need an attorney? Please look no further!!! (Mom Approved)

    Hiring a criminal attorney shouldn't have to be hard but it is. There are attorneys who want you to sell your home just to pay their astronomical fees and you and your loved ones are left in worse condition than they found you. There are attorneys who don't care and aren't prepared to fight and b...
  • Justice Served - Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed

    Mr. Lento did a phenomenal job resolving my case. He was able to convince the D.A. to drop all domestic violence charges. The request was granted by the judge. He went beyond of providing amazing results; not only representing me as his client but defending my character and fighting for my libert...
  • Professional, attentive, & honest!

    Mr. Lento was the first attorney I got to consult with (following many others) on a case for my significant other. When I spoke with him though, I just knew he was the right person to go with. I have never dealt with legal issues prior to this situation and Mr. Lento was very helpful in guiding m...
  • He took care of it!!! Violation of Probation Resolved

    Mr. Lento was terrific. He was in constant communication with my girlfriend while I was detained, sending her updates on what he sent the D.A's office. He let me know in detail, the complications of the case and realistic expectations, and then he exceeded all of them. Not only did he get me rele...
  • Restraining Order Dismissed

    Mr. Lento expertly navigated the difficulties of dealing with my legal issues in New Jersey amid this terrible COVID-19 pandemic. He was able to articulate facts and circumstances that resulted in a win and allowed me to get my life back on track.
  • Severe Criminal Charges Resolved

    Highly recommend! Mr. Lento was very professional, knowledgeable and intuitive to our situation. He took the case on headfirst and that continued the whole way through. Answered all questions we had regarding our situation and more. The charges where severe but the outcome was the best we could h...
  • Very Knowledgeable and Professional Criminal Defense Attorney

    Mr. Lento did an excellent job navigating us through our legal issues and getting them resolved successfully. We were particularly impressed with how he was always available to take our calls and took the time to answer all our questions. We found Mr. Lento to be a very knowledgeable and professi...
  • Great Representation - He Went Above and Beyond Expectations

    I could not be more pleased with my representation from Mr. Lento. He went above and beyond expectations. His knowledge of the court system is apparent. Even after the finalization of my court process he continued to lend his help with related issues. I would turn to nobody else for legal represe...
  • The Attorney for the People

    Joseph Lento is an extraordinary attorney who truly went above and beyond for me on a [criminal] matter. The thing that impressed me most about Mr. Lento was his honesty, tenacity, and not telling me what I wanted hear. He was very straightforward and told me what to expect each step of the way. ...

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