New Jersey District Federal Criminal Defense for Cyber Crime Charges

Given the internet's power, influence, and ubiquity, the federal government has taken a strong interest in preventing and prosecuting cyber crime activity. Congress has criminalized a broad range of criminal activity using the internet and other electronic technology. The FBI's cyber crime unit aggressively investigates federal cyber crime. And the Department of Justice's cyber crime section aggressively prosecutes federal cyber crime charges FBI investigations support. New Jersey state officials have their own cyber crime initiatives. But federal enforcement of federal cyber crimes brings additional federal resources, federal penalties, and public notoriety to bear against the defendant. If you face federal cyber crime charges, you need aggressive and effective federal defense attorney representation. Retain premier federal defense attorney Joseph D. Lento for the winning defense of federal cyber crimes in the federal New Jersey District. When you need the best, hire the best.

Federal Cyber Crimes

Many federal statutes address cyber crimes. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 USC 1030, for instance, is a cyber security law protecting any computer connected to the internet from trespassing, threats, damage, espionage, and corrupt use as an instrument for fraud. The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act, 18 USC 1037, broadens Computer Fraud and Abuse Act provisions to address hackers who use computers for fraudulent purposes. The main federal money laundering statutes, 18 USC 1956 and 1957, can also reach corrupt financial activities using computers and the internet. And a series of statutes beginning at 18 USC 2251 criminalize all kinds of computer activities relating to child pornography. These and other federal criminal statutes subject those who commit cyber crimes to penalties that can include fines, many years imprisonment, restitution, and related civil penalties and liability. A Computer Fraud and Abuse Act first offense violation, for instance, can carry a five year prison term and $250,000 fine, enhanced to ten years for a second offense and a $500,000 fine for an involved organization. Federal cyber crimes can be very serious charges warranting an especially aggressive and effective defense.

Avoiding Federal Cyber Crime Charges

Obviously, the best thing to do to avoid federal cyber crime charges is to avoid federal cyber crimes. Suspect sales or investment schemes, suspect financial transactions, harassing and abusive communications with a domestic partner, child pornography searches, and efforts to use another's identity or hack into others' electronic files can all trigger federal complaints or alert federal officials to potential cyber crime. You can take steps to reduce your risk of federal cyber crime charges even after the FBI or other federal officials have contacted you, or you have learned of a federal investigation relating to your computer activities. Your first move should be to retain skilled and experienced federal criminal defense attorney representation. Your federal criminal defense attorney will advise you whether, when, and how to respond to FBI or other official inquiries. You should also avoid speaking or communicating electronically with anyone, especially federal investigators, about the matter until you have had your federal criminal defense attorney's advice. You have a privilege against self-incrimination and associated Miranda rights. Invoke and rely on those rights. Don't unintentionally make a bad situation worse. You may not have committed any crime. Don't let your uninformed and unguarded guesses and conjectures lead to federal cyber crime charges.

Fighting Federal Cyber Crime Charges

If you already face or are about to face federal cyber crime charges, you may still have much to do with their outcome. While federal cyber crime charges can be frightening, discouraging, and daunting, you become your own worst enemy when giving in or giving up on those charges. Federal prosecutors have the constitutional due process burden to prove every element of a charge beyond a reasonable doubt. The Lento Law Firm's team of forensics experts may recover and analyze electronic records in ways that prove you did not control the computer when used for the crime or otherwise participate in any criminal activity. Hackers, for instance, can make it appear that innocent individuals committed the crimes that the hackers engineered. You also have Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and other constitutional rights your retained defense attorney can invoke to exclude incriminating evidence for the dismissal of all charges. Skilled and experienced federal criminal defense can also help you present evidence mitigating any charges for which the FBI and federal prosecutors have admissible evidence. Federal judges and sentencing standards recognize the difference between hardened criminals carrying out criminal enterprises and first-time, small-time, one-time offenders who will never again engage in any crime. Aggressive defense from a premier federal criminal defense attorney with substantial experience is your best strategy for beating federal cyber crime charges.

What's at Stake in Federal Cyber Crime Charges

Don't underestimate what you have at stake when facing federal cyber crime charges. Federal incarceration can be isolating, depressing, distressing, and humiliating. Any period of incarceration, not just five years, ten years, or longer but also a few days, weeks, or months, can also ruin your reputation, relationships, employment, and career. Federal criminal fines and civil penalties can deplete your assets, harming both you and your dependents. Yet your interests go well beyond simply trying to avoid a long prison term and mammoth fine or civil liability. Even a plea or conviction that avoids imprisonment and oppressive fines can lead to loss of employment, professional or vocational license, security clearance, firearms permit, commercial driver's license, pilot's license, voting rights, and a host of other important rights and privileges. Any resolution other than dismissal of or acquittal on all charges can have serious short-term and long-term effects. Devote every effort you can muster and every resource you have available to avoiding, defending, and defeating federal cyber crime charges.

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