The Lento Law Firm Team

A winning defense requires more than a star defense attorney. A winning attorney defense also requires an outstanding legal team. Attorney Joseph Lento founded and formed the Lento Law Firm to provide winning attorney New Jersey criminal defense. Attorney Lento didn't want to just be an outstanding lawyer. Attorney Lento also wanted to provide outstanding legal services. Star attorneys are important to their clients' success. A star attorney can win the day in court before a judge or jury and out of court in negotiations with prosecutors and opposing parties. But a winning New Jersey defense often takes more than a star attorney. It also takes a great legal team. Attorney Lento founded, built, shaped, and inspired the Lento Law Firm Team to provide both a winning attorney defense and great value in defense services. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team, you get the best available representation providing winning attorney defense with the greatest value.

Founding and Forming a Great Legal Team

The Founder's Passion. Great organizations don't simply arise. A great legal team requires a passionate leader with a clear and inspiring vision. A leader's vision founds and forms a great legal team. Attorney Joseph Lento formed his leadership and vision by overcoming all obstacles to become a great lawyer. A hard path to success forms character. Attorney Lento's hard fight to become a great lawyer shaped his leadership skills, vision, and character. Pressure makes a diamond out of stone. In attorney Lento, the Lento Law Firm Team unquestionably has a refined and visionary leader that hard work, overcoming challenges, and dealing with pressure fully formed. Great teams require vision. Attorney Lento has the vision and has exercised it to found, form, and inspire the Lento Law Firm Team. Great teams also require star talent at the heart of their batting orders. Attorney Lento is a star talent. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for your matter, you get a winning New Jersey defense attorney with star power.

The Team's Talent. A star player is not generally enough to get a team across the finish line and into the winner's circle. Star talent requires great team support to become a winner. When you retain a law firm, you are looking for a great lawyer like attorney Joseph Lento. But you also need a great team behind that great lawyer. Attorney Lento knew that to fulfill his vision for providing winning attorney defense services, he would need to recruit, assemble, train, and inspire a great legal team. Attorney defense services aren't generally a fungible commodity. One attorney is not exactly like another attorney. The defense attorney whom you hire makes a difference. And one law firm is not exactly like another law firm. The legal team behind your defense attorney also makes a difference. Attorney Lento has recruited, assembled, trained, and inspired a great legal team to provide you with winning New Jersey defense attorney services.

Implement the Vision. Anyone who takes any interest in how teams perform knows that assembling talent isn't enough to have a winning team. All the talent in the world won't get you anywhere unless the team implements its leader's strategic vision. Forming a dream team is just the start. The leader then needs to see that each team member understands the member's role in the team's strategic vision. Attorney Lento's strategic vision for winning New Jersey defense attorney services is to provide excellent, value-added, effective defense services. Some attorney founders want a big law firm. Others want a profitable law firm. Others want famous clients and notorious cases. Attorney Lento's distinct passion is instead to provide effective service, where effective service means winning each client's case in the matter most beneficial to the client. Attorney Lento doesn't just want to be in the game. And he doesn't just want to win the game. He wants to provide winning defense attorney services in ways that increase the overall value to the client. Attorney Lento wants not just that the client's legal affairs get back in order but that the client also flourish in life. That'seffective service.

Fuel a Passion for Service. The founder's passion also makes a difference in fielding a winning defense attorney team. Teams can have star players, strong teammates, and smart strategies. But unless each team member also cares about winning, with a real passion for winning, the team may not achieve all that it could for its clients. Attorney Lento has a passion for practical defense attorney services and improving his clients' lives through winning defense attorney services. Attorney Lento's passion gets him up every morning, fired up to win another matter for a deserving and needful client. Attorney Lento communicates his passion to each member of his legal team. Team members generally want to have a passion for their work. Nothing is harder than work about which you do not care. Each member of the Lento Law Firm Team shares attorney Lento's passion for improving clients' lives through winning defense attorney services. For an attorney of great character and the attorney's great team, nothing means more than knowing that clients are living better lives because of their winning services.

The Composition of a Great Legal Staff

If a star attorney leads clients to rewarding wins, a great legal staff behind the star attorney forms the foundation and core for a winning team. Attorney Lento knows that a strong legal staff begins with recruiting talented members of the right character. Personnel managers know that you can train skills, but you can't create character. Attorney Lento hires talented legal staff based only in part on their law knowledge and legal skills but also on their great character. To attorney Lento, great character means much more than solid academic credentials, like graduating from a top law school with strong grades and great references. To attorney Lento, great character also means a heart for clients, shrewd street smarts or knowledge of the world's ways, and above all, a passion for winning defense attorney services. Attorney Lento recruits, hires, and employs a great legal staff of individuals who bring their considerable talent and great passion to the Lento Law Firm Team's vision for winning defense attorney services. The Lento Law Firm Team also maintains just the right mix of new and old blood, ensuring seasoned legal staff is vitalized by fresh new talent.

A Strong Bench of Attorneys. Law firms typically have two classes of lawyers, both partners and associate attorneys. Both partners and associate attorneys are fully licensed lawyers, each capable of doing any aspect of the legal work. Partners generally take the lead in dealing with clients and their matters, while associate attorneys do more of the background work. Attorney Lento retains talented associate attorneys from top law schools, based on their solid credentials and great character. But attorney Lento also empowers those associate attorneys to develop their skills beyond the background work typical of associate attorneys in other firms. Attorney Lento hires and employs a strong bench of attorneys who share his passion for winning defense attorney services. When you retain the Lento Law Firm Team, you retain not only attorney Lento but also talented attorneys who share attorney Lento's skills, commitment, and passion.

Up and Coming Attorneys. Law firms can also retain law students and law graduates who have not yet taken or passed the bar exam to serve in the role of law clerks. Law clerks aren't legal secretaries or assistants. Law clerks don't generally do secretarial or administrative tasks. Instead, law clerks do the research, writing, and other background and preparatory work of lawyers but without direct client contact or court work. Law clerks can also be an up-and-coming talent pool out of which a strong law firm can train and hire its future attorneys. Not all law firms employ law clerks. And even fewer law firms properly train, equip, and supervise law clerks for the greatest client benefit. Attorney Lento knows how to identify, recruit, retain, train, and supervise ace law clerks. Law clerks, when properly employed, can add substantial value to client matters. They can do important legal work at a lower cost but using current law knowledge and skills that they are learning in top-flight law schools. Attorney Lento has succeeded in building a strong talent pool of law clerks to support the great Lento Law Firm Team. Retaining the Lento Law Firm gives you the deepest bench of talented legal staff.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants. Law firms can, if wisely managed, add further value to client matters by employing paralegals and legal assistants. Unlike associate attorneys and law clerks, paralegals and legal assistants are not up-and-coming lawyers. Paralegals and legal assistants are instead career legal professionals educated and trained to do legal administrative work. Paralegals and legal assistants generally earn four-year undergraduate degrees. They don't generally have the seven years of education that lawyers have or the law degree or license. But paralegals and legal assistants understand the production and management of legal work. They can have top-flight skills in client intake, file opening and organization, making record requests, and reviewing and summarizing medical, financial, education, and employment records. Paralegals and legal assistants can also prepare deposition summaries, chronologies, exhibits, and witness and exhibits lists. Attorney Lento continuously recruits, trains, and employs skilled and experienced paralegals and legal assistants to perform the important but lower-level tasks that form the background and foundation work for winning attorney defense. When you retain the Lento Law Firm, you retain a strong team of paralegals and legal assistants who add value to your case.

Investigative Services

Investigation's Role. The Lento Law Firm's New Jersey practice areas require strong investigative services and skills. Investigation services are a critical component of the Lento Law Firm's winning defense attorney services. Investigation plays such an important role in criminal defense work, student discipline defense work, and defense of domestic violence matters and restraining order requests because the clients in those cases often have limited information about critical evidence. Clients are the first source of information for the defense attorney whom they retain. Clients need to disclose all material information to their defense attorney or risk unpleasant surprises later. But clients generally don't have the observations, information, and evidence that police, prosecutors, and opposing parties may seek or may have already collected. That's the critical role of a defense attorney's investigator. An investigator ensures that the defense attorney doesn't get surprised, or blindsided as defense attorneys call it, by evidence with which the defense attorney could have better dealt with in advance. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm, you get the necessary investigative services for a winning defense.

What Investigators Do. Private investigators defense attorneys retain or employ do the things that police and detectives do to discover information and evidence. That's because private investigators are often former law enforcement officers who have extensive experience in investigating crimes for the government. Their police training gives them the knowledge and skills to use lawful means to discover information and evidence that clients and other laypersons wouldn't ordinarily discover. Investigators can locate witnesses, obtain statements from those witnesses in reliable form, get documents and information from government offices and businesses, visit crime and accident scenes to take photographs and measurements, secure and photograph physical evidence, and do a host of other tasks to learn everything necessary for a winning defense of the case. When you retain the Lento Law Firm Team, you gain access to the investigative services that your case needs for its best possible defense.

Employing Investigators. Attorney Lento takes one more step, unusual for a law firm, to ensure that your case has the investigative services that it needs. Attorney Lento doesn't just retain outside private investigators on a contract, case-by-case basis. True, attorney Lento has a nationwide network of skilled outside investigators. But attorney Lento also has the Lento Law Firm actually employ investigators within the law firm so that those investigators are continuously available to the clients of the firm. Attorney Lento brings investigative services in-house. And the investigators whom attorney Lento employs are not just ordinary investigators. The Lento Law Firm instead employs former law enforcement officers, including officers with decades of Special Investigation Unit experience. When you retain the Lento Law Firm, you gain access to more than just an outside investigator. You gain special investigation services in-house and available continuously, at the ready to aid your winning defense.

Intelligence Analysis. Attorney Lento takes yet another step to ensure that clients of the Lento Law Firm have premier investigative services. Attorney Lento knows that collecting information and evidence often isn't enough. Indeed, gathering data is just a first step. A winning attorney defense team also needs to analyze that evidence. Attorney Lento thus partners with an intelligence analyst and analyst firm for the services necessary to show the deeper meaning of the evidence and patterns within the evidence. Intelligence analysis looks for patterns within data and interprets the meaning of those patterns. Intelligence analysis is a rare service that few defense attorneys employ. Attorney Lento makes intelligence analysis a key part of his winning defense in many cases. When you retain the Lento Law Firm, you retain a team that includes special investigation services and intelligence analysis, the best of investigative services. And that's how attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm make another big difference in winning defense cases.

Experts and Their Resources

An Expert's Role. A star attorney, great legal staff, in-house investigative services, and strategic intelligence analysis services together make for a great Lento Law Firm Team, distinct from the services other law firms generally offer. But attorney Lento also recognizes the important role of outside experts in providing winning New Jersey attorney defense. Defense cases of all kinds, whether in criminal charges, student discipline defense, defense of domestic violence allegations and restraining order requests, or other defense fields, often require the review, examination, testing, report, services, resources, and testimony of outside experts. Expert services, resources, reports, and opinions impress and influence juries, judges, prosecutors, opposing parties, and others who hold sway over a client's defense and future. Attorney Lento has formed and fostered an impressive network of expert consultants and expert resources to aid in the winning defense of clients' cases. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for the defense of your case, you gain access to that rich network of influential experts and helpful expert resources and services.

Experts Available for Winning Defense. The experts available through attorney Lento's network for winning defense of Lento Law Firm clients' cases come in many disciplines to meet many needs. Cases of certain kinds often require similar expert services. Drunk driving defense can require toxicology expertise. Cybercrime charges can require technology experts. Financial crime charges tend to require forensic accountants. But each case, crime charge, and client is different. One case may require several experts, some traditional for that charge but other experts unique to the case. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team often retain the following kinds of experts but have a network of other experts available for your case:

Toxicologists, medical examiners, and DNA experts for examination, testing, reporting, opinions, and other expertise for drunk driving defense, homicide and vehicular manslaughter cases, sexual assault cases, and other cases requiring biological evidence expertise

Orthopedists, neurologists, internists, and other physician specialists for examination, testing, diagnosis, prognosis, record review, reporting, opinions, and other expertise in defense of criminal, student discipline, domestic violence, and other cases involving injury, recovery, care, capability, safety, and security

Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists for examination, testing, diagnosis, record review, reporting, treatment, counseling, and other mental health services for cases raising competency, control, capability, sanity, and other mental health issues, including cases involving criminal charges and domestic and restraining order cases

Social workers and other life care managers for review, reporting, services, and resources in family law cases, domestic violence and restraining order cases, and cases involving care, safety, security, and management of children and other dependents

Accountants, forensic accountants, and valuation and appraisal experts for criminal cases and other defense of charges of fraud, embezzlement, or other financial impropriety, to value damaged, destroyed, or stolen businesses and property, and to testify regarding financial transactions

Information technology experts to locate, preserve, recover, identify, and trace electronically stored information for academic misconduct and other student discipline cases, restraining order cases involving electronic messages or cyberstalking, and criminal cases alleging electronic threats, hacking, or other wrongs

Handwriting, hair, and fingerprint analysts for criminal cases, academic misconduct and other student discipline cases, and other cases involving disputed authorship or identification

Firearm, ballistics, and other weapons experts for criminal cases, gun registration and security issues, domestic violence and restraining order cases, and other disputes over weapon possession and use

Addiction and narcotics experts for tests, interviews, evaluations, reviews, and program and treatment recommendations in cases involving allegations of alcohol or drug use, dependency, or abuse

Sex offender experts for sexual assault cases, registry disputes, student sexual misconduct allegations, stalking and restraining order cases, and other cases alleging criminal sexual misconduct

Educational experts for cases involving academic performance, academic recovery plans, academic progress, academic misconduct, or student discipline

Animators, videographers, photographers, medical illustrators, and model builders to create or present demonstrative video, photographic, or other evidence for trial, hearing, negotiation, plea bargain, or other presentation

Expert Access. When you retain attorney Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team, you gain access to these and many other experts to build a winning defense. You need a broad and deep bench of outside experts, depending on the issues that your criminal, student discipline, restraining order, or other New Jersey defense case presents. Attorney Lento has fostered expert relationships through hundreds of cases nationwide and in New Jersey. He and the Lento Law Firm know the skill, reputation, and experience of the best available experts in dozens of specialty fields. Those outside experts also trust attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team to prepare them with the evidence, information, and access necessary for their expert opinions to be the most trustworthy, reliable, and helpful to the winning defense of your case. You can trust attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team to include all necessary and appropriate expertise for the defense of your case.

Expert Resources. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team, you not only gain access to expert opinions, reports, and testimony. You also gain access to expert resources. Expert resources can be critical to a winning defense case, especially when the defense must show that the client has the wherewithal to avoid or correct actions that implicated the crime or charge in the first place. Prompt and private client education, training, counseling, therapy, medication, and testing, even before a judge requires it or prosecutor recommends it, can forestall criminal prosecution, conviction, and sentencing. Proactive resort to expert resources can show the other side that the client does not need treatment or rehabilitation or has already achieved or begun it. Prompt use of expert resources can also convince a judge, prosecutor, or other influencer or decision-maker that the client has the character and common sense to address tendencies before they become later problems. Attorney Lento knows that expert resources can make a winning defense. That's why he has assembled a network of expert consultants ready to offer the most appropriate resources.

The Extra Difference a Great Team Makes

Great legal teams make for winning legal defense. But attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team are ready to go the extra mile. Attorney Lento doesn't want to just win your defense case. Attorney Lento wants to help you ensure that your life improves as a consequence, including that you learn, grow, heal, recover, and avoid legal problems in the future. The premier services of the Lento Law Firm tend to do more for clients than just win their defense cases. Clients of the Lento Law Firm often get extra personal, social, professional, reputational, and economic value from attorney Lento's winning defense. A winning defense can alone save a job, career, marriage, and other family relationships. But when attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team help to equip clients with knowledge, skills, expert resources, and professional relationships, clients can continue to benefit from those value-adds beyond their legal affairs. Clients can continue to rely on, and learn and draw from, the experts to whom attorney Lento introduces them. Clients can continue to mature, grow, and learn from the practices, commitments, and relationships to which attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm introduced them. A great lawyer surrounded by a great legal team and supported by great expert consultants can become a great mentor and model for appreciative clients. Attorney Lento wants clients to flourish well beyond his firm's winning defense, which is why he practices as he does, leading a great Lento Law Firm Team.

Retain a Premier New Jersey Defense Team. Attorney Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm are available in New Jersey for your winning attorney defense. Attorney Lento founded, assembled, and formed his premier team, including not just legal staff but also staff investigators, strategic investigative partners, and outside expert consultants and resources, for the winning attorney defense of your case. Call 888.535.3686 / 888.J.D.LENTO or go online to retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm Team.

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